6 Clever Marketing Strategies for Stagers

The Social Stager Blog: 6 Clever Marketing Strategies for home stagers

April 10, 2023

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6 clever marketing strategies for home stagers

As a home stager, you know how competitive the market can be. So do I. That’s why I’m sharing these 6 clever marketing strategies for stagers who want to stand out in their market. So you know exactly what marketing strategies you can use that will help you differentiate yourself and your business.

When I was building my home staging company, trying to figure out how to market my staging business so that we stood out was one of my top priorities. Initially, the only way we stood out was with pricing. We were the cheapest stagers in town, but this kind of marketing strategy didn’t work long-term – especially not if we actually wanted to earn a living and build a thriving company.

Maybe you’re doing the same thing: consistently competing with other stagers based solely on price. Maybe it’s working for you. Maybe it’s not. What I can tell you from experience, and from going from being the low-price leader to being one of the top home staging companies in Canada, is that if you want to build a thriving home staging business, you need to find other ways for your company to stand out.

Too many home stagers are just copying what their competition is doing when it comes to marketing. Too many are following the crowd. Too many don’t know how they’re different, let alone how to market their businesses. Listen, I’m going, to be honest: if all you’re doing is copying your competition, then you’re not standing out; you’re blending in – and that’s not going to get you clients. It’s just going to keep you stuck in the same cycle of competing for jobs and losing out when you’re not cheap enough.

clever marketing strategies for home stagers

If you want to change that, you have to figure out how you’re different. And then you have to market your business accordingly.

That’s where these 6 clever marketing strategies for home stagers come in because I want to help you stop marketing your business based solely on price and help you start marketing it based on your value. All without paying for expensive Google ads or other paid marketing tactics. All of the marketing strategies I’m going to share with you are ones that I used in my business that were either free or cost very little to implement. All of them paid off and helped my company go from barely surviving to grossing over 6-figures consistently.

So, when you have many other stagers vying for the same clients, it’s time to get clever and intentional with your marketing. I found that the key to success lies in building a strong brand, developing a solid marketing strategy, and consistently taking action to market your business so that you can differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Everything comes back to your marketing strategy and foundation. These 6 clever marketing strategies for home stagers are ones that I used to build a 6-figure home staging company, and when implemented correctly, they have the power to transform your home staging business and get you more clients.

Creating a marketing strategy that helps you stand out sounds like a challenge – and it can be, especially if you’re not sure where to start or you don’t know what makes your company unique. Learning how to do this takes some time and experimentation; however, when you get it right, the results can boost your staging business from struggling to standing out.

Here are the 6 clever marketing strategies to help you stand out in your crowded market.

Marketing Strategy #1: Leverage Social Media to Showcase Your Work & Expertise

Social media is a powerful and far-reaching marketing tool that all home stagers should use consistently to reach their ideal audience. Creating content that showcases your home staging projects, highlights your expertise, and helps you build powerful connections and relationships is critical to your success.

Creating social media content to attract your ideal client is a powerful marketing strategy for stagers.

Social media was a critical marketing strategy that generated hundreds of leads for my company. Facebook and Instagram enabled me to reach thousands of people every day, have my work shared with their networks, and as a result, get consistent leads daily. All for free.

This is why I strongly recommend creating a social media content plan that includes a mix of content that will attract, nurture, and convert followers into leads and clients. You can do this for free with tools like Canva for graphics and ChatGPT for captions, or if you don’t have the skills (or time) to create your own graphics, then investing a little money in a done-for-you content plan like my Social Stager program can be incredibly helpful and help your business stand out on social media.

By doing so, you’ll leverage the power of social media to build your brand and get more home staging jobs and clients.

Marketing Strategy #2: Use Email Marketing to Build Relationships & Brand Loyalty

email marketing solutions for home stagers

Email marketing is another powerful tool that can help you stay top-of-mind with your audience. Create a high-value freebie to build your email list and then use your email to showcase your latest projects, share educational content tailored to what your ideal audience needs to hear about, offer discounts, and provide helpful tips and advice to build your authority.

Many stagers still don’t utilize this powerful tool and are missing out on the benefits that email marketing can provide. My email newsletter was packed with relevant industry tips, trends, and my latest home staging projects. It established me as an expert in my area and increased brand awareness as a result. I can’t tell you how many realtors started calling us because they had seen our work in our newsletter and just had to have the same quality staging for their clients.

If you’re unsure how to start building an engaged email list or are guilty of ghosting your subscriber list, then it’s time to start utilizing this powerful marketing tool. I can help you with everything from creating a lead magnet with an email welcome series to creating email newsletters for your brand to keep your subscribers interested and engaged.

Marketing Strategy #3: Partner Up with Local Realtors

Out of the 6 clever marketing strategies for home stagers, I find that this one tends to be the one most home stagers overlook. Listen, realtors can be your best allies. Partnering with them can – and does – often lead to consistent referrals and new home staging jobs.

And when I talk about partnering up, this doesn’t mean showing up at brokerages touting your services. This means creating and fostering meaningful relationships with realtors based on shared interests or endeavors as opposed to just trying to sell your services.

home staging marketing, networking with realtors
Networking with Realtors and cultivating relationships is critical to developing loyal partnerships.

This might include shared marketing initiatives like hosting a home buyers or sellers event. I did many of these when I was running my home staging business, and it was always a great way for both myself and the realtor I was partnering with to get exposure and attract new clients.

It might also include joining a networking group, volunteering with a realtor or a brokerage, or sponsoring one of their events. These are great ways for realtors to get to know you and your business without it being sales-focused. I found that when I did these things, realtors were much more inclined to connect with me and learn more about my business.

Start by connecting with realtors online through social media and then build on those budding relationships by connecting with them online and attending local real estate events, conferences, and networking events. Nurture those relationships by following up with those agents consistently and taking the time to get to know them in both group and 1:1 settings.

And if you really want to WOW them, create a home staging services and pricing guide that will give your brand a professional edge in your marketplace.

Marketing Strategy #4: Host Virtual or In-Person Workshops

Hosting a workshop, I found, was one of the most powerful ways to build your rep as an expert in your niche. For years, I did workshops for realtors, workshops for home sellers, and design workshops for people looking for decorating advice.

Hosting a workshop or seminar is a great way to market your home staging business.

That’s why I strongly recommend that homestagers find ways to host events that will enable them to connect with people and become well-known as industry experts.

From hosting a virtual Q & A session on social media to holding a home-selling workshop or seminar for homeowners in your area, there are numerous ways for you to get in front of your ideal audience.

Not only do these events set you up as an industry expert, they also enable you to foster connections and relationships with other professionals in related industries that will bring in referrals and put you in front of other audiences.

Marketing Strategy #5: Offer a Unique Service

To stand out from the competition, consider niching down and offering a unique service that no other home stager provides in your area. For example, you could offer both virtual and real staging services for your clients. Alternatively, you could specialize in staging luxury or model homes. I know of several home stagers who offer unique services like short-term rental or Airbnb staging, which helps them stand out because those niches aren’t as saturated.

When I switched from staging for anyone to focusing specifically on luxury and model homes, my business exploded. Not only did this make my home staging business much more profitable, it allowed me to focus on what I was truly passionate about.

If you aren’t sure how to niche down in your staging business, I encourage you to take my free challenge that will enable you to not only nail your niche but also define how you’re unique so that you can improve your marketing messaging and stop competing with other local stagers.

Marketing Strategy #6: Start a Blog or Vlog

One of the first marketing initiatives I started was a home staging blog for my business. By doing so, I was able to establish myself as a thought leader in my industry, provide relevant information to my ideal audience, and once again, stand out as an expert in my area.

That’s why when I work with home stagers on their marketing, I encourage them to establish either a blog or vlog to help them achieve the same results that I did.

If you want to stop competing with other stagers on price points, then one of the most critical steps is to establish yourself as a thought leader in your market. This helps build the know, like, and trust factor with prospective clients and adds value to any services you offer.

Of the 6 marketing strategies for home stagers, this was my favorite simply because writing came naturally to me. I wanted to share my expertise, my stories, and what was going on in my industry that I felt my ideal client would be interested in and benefit from. Whichever medium you choose to share your stories and expertise, this one marketing strategy will dramatically boost brand visibility and help establish you as the go-to expert in your area (and beyond).

You can do it for practically free as well. Setting up a blog is inexpensive, as is starting a TikTok or YouTube account. All you need is content to share and a willingness to be consistent to see amazing results.

Wrapping It Up

If you want to stand out in your market, these 6 clever marketing strategies for home stagers will help you set yourself apart from the competition and establish yourself as a home staging expert. Remember to stay true to your brand, stay active on social media, and always be on the lookout for new opportunities to promote your home staging business.

If you’re looking for marketing support, be sure to check out my social media marketing services as well as my shop filled with marketing tools, resources, and guides that are designed to help you market your home staging business like a pro!

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