Hi there! I’m Heather, a social media strategist and branding specialist.

Home decor lover, type A as they come... I live for a good risotto, am always in yoga pants, and love a good shoot-em-up action movie.


I built an award-winning home staging company which became one of the most well-known staging companies in Canada. It was challenging but also incredibly rewarding ... 

From a simple dream of wanting to create a business I was proud of to building one of the most successful and well-known staging companies in Canada, I learned the hard way how to build & market a business.

There were no manuals and very few resources on running or marketing a staging company. I had to learn how to do this myself. It often meant staging all day and then working on marketing at night.

Our success was a testament to not just the quality of designs we created but the marketing strategies I developed. Without both, my company would never have gotten the recognition it did. It was incredibly rewarding to achieve but after a decade of staging and a falling out with my business partner ... I started to dream of doing something else.

So many memories & stagings over the years!

Then I finally found my purpose, helping stagers show up on social media with style and strategy.

After retiring from staging, I took some time to figure out what came next. I'll admit, I didn't just fall into social media marketing. I invested time in learning how to hone my marketing skills (aka took a lot of courses), before I realized what my next step was.

All my business building experience, marketing know-how, and years spent in the staging industry made it a no-brainer to shift into helping home stagers level up their marketing. That's why today I leverage those skills and knowledge to help stagers - just like you - level up your marketing and show up with confidence online.

On those long days when I was both running and marketing my home staging business, I dreamed of marketing resources and services tailored specifically for my industry.  Resources that would save me time and enable me to create professional marketing assets. Today, I create those resources because I firmly believe that all stagers should know what to do and how to do it so they can market with strategy and show up in style.

Award-winning home stager, built & ran a 6-figure staging biz ... I'm an entrepreneur at heart who is a home decor addict and a total cat momma.

Top: Xander my cat. Me with the love of my life. Left, me and boys (all 3 of them). Right: My whole family hamming it up - together.


Heather is the founder of the Social Stager.

She's a veteran home stager turned marketing strategist who loves nothing more than spending an afternoon creating standout social media graphics.

She hopes to be known for redefining how stagers do social and loves teaching them how to market themselves with confidence.




I live in yoga pants. Seriously, I own like 34 pairs. Yoga pants are life. 


I am a cat mama to five kitties. I have whole conversations with them. #crazycatlady


I say my favorite show is Madam Secretary, but it's actually Buffy TVS. #slayer


I can spend hours in Homesense obsessing over accent pillows. No, you can never have too many IMO. 

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Creme brulee ice cream

celeb i'd love to meet

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Guilty pleasure

Fixer Upper (any episode)

alternate universe job:

Realtor! I love, love, love touring homes.

favorite place i've been:

New York. The food tours are EPIC.

drink of choice

A mug of tea, of course!

can't live without

My iPad - I'd be lost.

usually craving

Glass of Shiraz ... and smartfood popcorn. 

beach vs mountains

Beach, beach, baby

favorite show to binge

Queer Eye. Buffy TVS forever.

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