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Home Staging Instagram Post Ideas for Instagram Growth

The Social Stager Blog: 10 Home staging Instagram post ideas

May 5, 2023

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If you're a home stager aiming to expand your presence on Instagram, you've come to the right place. Instagram is a great platform to showcase your staging projects, connect with potential clients, and establish yourself as an authority in your field. However, coming up with engaging post ideas can be time-consuming and challenging. That's why I've compiled a list of 10 home staging Instagram post ideas to help you grow your following organically and save you time.

Home Staging Instagram Post Ideas: Before & After Photos

Showcasing your home staging transformations is a must for any home stager on Instagram. Sharing before and after photos of your projects can grab the attention of potential clients and inspire them to hire you for their staging needs. Use a carousel post to show off your before and after photos side by side, or use a clever social media template to showcase both spaces in one slide for maximum effect. Either way, remember to include a caption highlighting the key changes you made.

Home staging Instagram posts like these inspire your audience & show off your expertise!

And it doesn't have to be just before and afters of properties you've staged. You could showcase furniture you've repurposed, closets you've organized, bookshelves you've organized and staged. I can watch videos of people cleaning rugs on Tiktok for hours (and I'm not alone), so trust me, people love a great transformation – whatever it might be.

Highlight your Expertise

As a home stager, you have a wealth of knowledge about design, trends, and real estate. Use your Instagram account to share your expertise with your followers by posting tips and tricks related to home staging. Create infographics that enable you to share your knowledge in an attractive and engaging way. Use relevant hashtags such as #homestagingtips or #realestateadvice to reach a wider audience.

Home staging Instagram post ideas that incorporate tips & tricks are always well received.

For example, you can create a tip template, and every week, you can share a relevant and helpful tip that relates to what your ideal audience needs to hear. These types of home staging Instagram posts tend to get widely shared and saved.

Wow Instagram with Your Accessories & Vignettes

Accessories are an essential part of any staging project and can significantly impact a space's overall look and feel. Use Instagram to showcase your favorite accessories and how you incorporate them into your designs. Consider tagging the brands or stores where you sourced the accessories to give them credit and generate extra visibility for your post.

Not only that but intersperse photos of your vignettes into your feed to create FOMO for your ideal audience who will want to recreate them (or have you do it for them). These types of visually stunning home staging posts are a great way to make your Instagram feed stand out. Check out this example of a gorgeous vignette photo that got a ton of interest, likes & saves.

Home Staging Instagram Post Ideas: Go Behind the Scenes

Instagram is a great platform to give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your staging process. Share photos and videos of you and your team setting up a space or styling a room. This type of content can help humanize your brand and show your audience the hard work that goes into each project.

Use reels or carousels to create this type of content to make it even more engaging for your audience. Both of these types of Instagram posts tend to attract a wider audience, increase engagement and help grow your following. This example of a great behind-the-scenes post is one of my favorites!

Pro Tip: Use targeted hashtags like #behindthescenes, #homestagingprocess, and #teamwork to improve the organic reach of your post.

Here's a great example of one of our clients creating an amazing behind-the-scenes reel.

Feature your Favorite Paint Colors or Design Trends

Paint can be a powerful tool in home staging, and sharing your favorite paint colors can be a great way to attract potential clients. Use Instagram to showcase your favorite colors and how you incorporate them into your staging projects. Remember to include the paint brand and color name in your caption (and tag the paint company to encourage collaboration).

Home staging Instagram post ideas like these showcase your knowledge & expertise.

Example Post: We're currently obsessed with this stunning shade of blue from @sherwinwilliams. It adds the perfect pop of color to any room! #paintcolorinspiration #homestagingideas #sherwinwilliams

When in Doubt, Ask For Feedback

Engage with your audience by asking for their opinions on different design choices. Use Instagram's polling feature to ask your followers which design element they prefer or what they think of a particular color scheme. This polling feature helps you gather valuable feedback from potential clients and shows that you value their opinions and are invested in creating spaces they will love.

Example Posts:

  • Post a photo of two different accent wall options and ask your followers which one they prefer.
  • Share a photo of a staged bedroom with two different bedding options and ask your followers which one they think works better in the space.

Showcase Unique Features of the Home

Every home has unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Whether it's a stunning view or a one-of-a-kind architectural element, showcasing these features can help attract potential buyers. Use Instagram to highlight these unique features and demonstrate why the home is worth checking out.

Part of a home stager's job is to highlight and complement the architectural features of a home, so this is a great way to show off how you do that. Not only that, but you can also showcase your creativity when you need to make what might be an awkward or strange room feature into something that potential buyers will value and appreciate.

Here is a great example from one of our clients using this technique effectively.

Highlight the Home's Potential

When staging a home, you're not just showcasing what it looks like now – you're also demonstrating its potential. Use Instagram to showcase how a space can be used in different ways or how it can be transformed with simple changes.

Some great examples are:

  • Sharing a photo of a home office that you have transformed with a designated workspace and a cozy reading nook, showing how potential buyers can use the room in multiple ways
  • Post a photo of an empty room that looks small and awkward, and then share your staged photo showing how you transformed it into a functional office or sitting room simply by adding the right furniture and decor.

Share your Brand's Story

In addition to displaying your home staging projects, it's crucial to convey your brand's narrative on Instagram. Share your beginnings, values, and passion for your work. Add personal touches by including photos of yourself and team members to foster brand loyalty.

Home Staging Instagram post ideas like this help you build brand awareness with your audience.

Your audience wants to know more about you, what you're passionate about, why you got started in the business, and how you can help them. Incorporating content that tells your brand story and shares your services and process helps them develop trust and loyalty with your brand online while at the same time laying the groundwork for how they can work with you.

Tell your Audience how They can Work with You

Sharing home staging Instagram posts about your company's services, how you work, and who you help is critical to converting followers into clients. Ideally, 20% of your Instagram posts should be company and service-focused so that your followers know exactly how to work with you and your team.

Post example ideas:

  • Share a graphic that explains your staging process from start to finish.
  • Share a graphic outlining your consultation process with a call to action to book a consultation today.

Check out this example of one of our clients using our templates to do this on their Instagram feed. I love sharing these types of home staging Instagram post ideas with my clients because so many of them don't do this – which means that even if their audience wants to work with them, they don't know how to get started. Make it easy on them – share how you work!

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to home staging Instagram post ideas for Instagram, there are many options. By incorporating a mix of content, you'll not only create a page that provides your ideal audience with a ton of value-packed content, but you'll also attract more followers and grow that know, like, and trust factor with them.

Remember when you're posting to use targeted hashtags to reach a broader audience relevant to your content and which targets your dream client.

Building your home staging Instagram followers through organic traffic requires dedication, patience & consistency. By using these ten home staging Instagram post ideas to help you supercharge your Instagram feed and create engaging content that will resonate with your target audience. Stay consistent with your brand aesthetic by using home staging templates to make your feed look professional. And remember to engage with your followers to build a community around your content. With the right content and strategy, Instagram marketing for home stagers can be a powerful tool for growing your business online & attracting your dream clients.

Still, feeling overwhelmed about what to post on social media? Then be sure to check out the Social Stager program complete with a done-for-you 60-day content plan complete with social media graphics, pre-written captions, and a step-by-step engagement strategy. Created for home stagers who are serious about leveraging the power of Instagram to grow their business and get more leads. Check the program out today!

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    This was EVERYTHING I needed, thank you Heather

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