5 Must-Have Marketing Tools for Home Stagers

November 6, 2023

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5 Marketing Tools for Home Stagers

When it comes to building a thriving and profitable home staging business, effective marketing is everything! It's not just about promoting your services online but also about having these essential marketing tools that will help you build brand awareness and ensure you stand out as an expert in your area.

As someone who has successfully built a leading home staging business, I can personally attest to the impact of well-crafted marketing materials. They are critical in setting your home staging company apart, connecting you with your ideal client, and building long-lasting client relationships. Today I'm going to draw on my experience and expertise to help you understand which marketing tools for home stagers are the most important and how they can help you win over prospective customers and strengthen your brand.

Must-Have Marketing Tools for Home Stagers #1: Business Cards

A business card is a fundamental yet one of the most potent marketing tools for home stagers, offering an easy way to enhance brand awareness and attract clientele. Its tangible nature often leaves a more enduring impression than digital alternatives.

Create a great first impression with beautifully designed business cards.

One of the key reasons why I recommend that stagers use them is because they're affordable. If your budget is limited, business cards are the first marketing tool I recommend investing in. Why? Because they're a fantastic marketing tool for increasing brand awareness and helping you reach more prospective clients.

Ideal for consultations and networking events, business cards are a convenient and effective way to ensure your contact information is readily available to potential clients.

Must-Have Marketing Tools for Home Stagers #2: Home Staging Brochures

Brochures are fantastic tools to showcase your home staging portfolio and services in a concise and engaging manner. They help potential clients gain a better understanding of your business, making it easier for them to decide whether you're the right fit for their needs.

Home staging brochures help you showcase your work and attract new clients.

When I was marketing my home staging business, I regularly gave out brochures. They were still very affordable, but they were much better at helping me build brand awareness and provide critical information about our services, making them a powerful marketing and educational tool.

Brochures are a great way to showcase your work and attract potential clients at industry events. They are one of the most essential marketing tools for home stagers that offer a tangible and eye-catching representation of your business's aesthetic and quality.

Must-Have Marketing Tools for Home Stagers #3: Home Staging Postcards

Postcards offer a direct and engaging method to communicate with your target audience. They are particularly effective for home stagers who want to build brand recognition within their local market.

Home Staging Postcards are a great way to build brand recognition in your local market.

What I love about postcards is that they are easy to give out, provide just enough information to get prospects interested, and are marketing assets that make you look like a professional. Not only that, but home staging marketing tools like this are great tools to provide to realtors as information they can include in the listing package they give their clients. This adds to their credibility while at the same time marketing your services. #winning

An excellent way to build awareness of your home staging services is to distribute them in an area where you just staged a property. By consistently doing this, you quickly build brand awareness with prospective clients and provide them with a tangible takeaway they can use or give to others when they refer your services.

Must-Have Marketing Tools for Home Stagers #4: Pricing and Services Guide

A Pricing and services guide is more than a simple guide; it's your opportunity to introduce prospects to your brand, share the benefits of working with you and your team, and highlight all the ways you can help them with their listings.

A Pricing & Services Guide is a fantastic tool to help you impress clients & build trust.

When I was marketing my home staging business, this guide was an essential marketing tool that solidified my relationships with local realtors and homeowners. This guide got me so many leads simply because the realtors I gave them to couldn't help but show it off to everyone in their office. It was a great way to get my business in front of more prospects and do so with someone who was already an advocate for my business.

A pricing and services guide is perfect for giving to your realtor partners or any prospects with whom you want to create a strong and mutually beneficial relationship. This type of marketing tool not only makes you look like a professional but also adds credibility to the realtors you work with.

Must-Have Marketing Tools for Home Stagers #5: Home Staging Email Signature

An email signature is a subtle yet powerful element of your marketing toolkit. It reinforces your brand with every email sent, enhancing professional perception and driving traffic to your website.

A branded email signature markets your business & enhances brand perception with every email you send.

A professionally designed email signature can help set you apart from your competition and communicate your unique value or expertise. It's an essential marketing asset that often is overlooked by home stagers, which is a shame.

If you want to increase brand awareness, build credibility with prospective clients, and set yourself apart in your industry, then a professional email signature is a must.

Make Creating Marketing Materials Easy with Templates

You need a wide array of branded marketing materials to stand out in the real estate and home staging industries. These marketing tools are critical to helping you build awareness of your company, stand out as an expert in your market, and help you generate leads and referrals for your home staging business.

Creating them can be time-consuming and expensive – especially if you outsource the designs to a graphic designer or printing shop. To help home stagers make marketing simpler, The Social Stager offers a wide variety of affordable home staging marketing templates that home stagers and realtors can easily customize to create beautiful, branded marketing materials in minutes.

From home staging brochures to business cards to beautifully designed pricing and services guides, The Social Stager has a template for it. For home stagers who are starting from scratch, we have a Home Staging Marketing Kit with all your essential marketing templates.

The bottom line is that with these essential marketing tools, you'll be able to build brand recognition, create a reputation for being a professional in your market, and stand out to prospective clients with beautifully branded marketing materials. Doing so will not only help you consistently generate more leads and referrals, but it will also help you build a profitable, thriving home staging business.

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  1. Amy says:

    Hi! Thank you for this. How is the Pricing and Services Guide different from the staging brochure (besides looking more like a booklet)? I guess that is what I have the brochure for, to tell about my services. I have my pricing on my website so I don’t have to change out printed materials any time it changes. Thanks

    • Hi Amy, great question! The main differences between a staging brochure and a pricing and services guide is that the latter goes into depth about your company, your process, how you work, the services you provide and your pricing. It’s meant to inform prospects about your company without making them go online to look at your website. Realtors often use the pricing and services guide to help them better understand how you work so that they can then convey that to their clients. It’s also a marketing tool that Realtors often show off to other agents and clients because it adds credibility to *their* services. The brochure on the other hand is an introduction to your company and is meant to get prospects to visit your website where they can get more information. When I was marketing my home staging business, I gave away brochures at presentations, networking events, home shows and at our staged properties and reserved the services and pricing guides for our realtor partners or for agents that I really wanted to seal the deal with and impress so that they would start working with us. I hope that helps!

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