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Let’s Build An Amazing Brand for Your Business

Your brand is the heart and soul of your business. It's what inspires your audience to trust you and it helps differentiate you from your competition. We'll help you build a standout brand that you feel excited and confident about.

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real talk:

Isn't it time you set yourself apart from your competition, created your signature aesthetic, and defined your secret sauce? Girl, I know how to make that happen.

You want to stand out in your market and have clients booking you because your brand is oh-so-memorable, amiright? Then you need a strong brand identity. One which differentiates you from your competition, clearly communicates what you do (and how you do it) and which reflects your unique aesthetic. That is how you stand out.

You don't have to do it alone.

How It Works

apply to work with us

Fill out our application form with all the details of your project. We'll get in touch to book a Branding Call with you.

accept the proposal

After the call, you'll send you a customized brand development proposal. Upon acceptance, we'll set a Kickoff date to get started.

Create your Brand

During this process, we'll work collaboratively to create and refine your brand so it's unique and authentic to you.

i know how important a brand is

For the first few years in business, I struggled to make my business stand out.

Back in the early years of running my home staging business, I lost a lot of business because the only thing that differentiated me from my competition was price.

As a result, those first few years were really challenging. It took me time to realize that in order to have a successful business, I needed a strong brand identity that would help differentiate my business and help me stand out from the crowd.

But now I know how to help home staging businesses build a strong brand so they standout & sell the transformation only they can provide.

Here’s What You Get:

customized brand development

Your brand is about MORE than pretty colors and a logo. We help you shape your core identity which represents your business's vision, core values, and what it stands for. This will help you create authentic messaging that resonates with your ideal client.

brand positioning & strategy

Once you have a strong brand identity foundation, we help you position yourself in your market. We'll research your competitors, analyze your marketplace, and develop a brand strategy to help you stand out.

brand aesthetic + logo

Once we've created a strong brand identity, we'll use that to create a visual brand aesthetic for your company. This will make it easier to build brand recognition and trust with your audience, helping to set your business apart & boost business growth.

“I call Heather Cook the "brand whisperer."

She took my "meh" business and transformed it into "wowww", simply by digging a little deep and transforming how I actually present myself not just to the world, but to my ideal client. Brilliant. I love that.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the prospect of completely changing the look, feel, and direction of your business like I was, don't worry - Heather's got your back. Not only does she have over a decade of relevant experience as a luxury staging entrepreneur, she combines that with her refreshing passion to elevate her client's busess through everything marketing.

She is the secret sauce for the strategy needed to "brand" then "launch" then "grow".

The transformational work she's orchestrated for my business has inspired me to excel with confidence. #forevergrateful”

- rhonda, salt & shore staging designs

"I have gone from scattered & competing on price to focused and confident about my brand and value."

How does this sound?

the results you're going to get:


Increase brand recognition & stand out in your local marketplace.


Attract your dream clients & foster brand awareness about your company.


Increase positive referrals and foster loyal client retention.


Lower price sensitivity and increase customer trust in your services.


Increase marketing & advertising effectiveness, resulting in more leads & growth.

Yes, It Really Works

Kym transformed her business.

“I went from not knowing what to do with my business to being crystal clear on what my new brand is all about.”

After years of staging vacant homes, Kym relocated and wasn't sure how to relaunch her business. We helped her transform her business and give her a unique & authentic brand that was perfectly aligned with her new e-design services.

Shauntelle went from blending in to standing out.

“Heather helped me completely transform my brand... I recommend her to everyone.”

Before branding, Shauntelle was struggling with standing out in her local marketplace. We helped her create a strong brand identity that captured her modern, organic vibe and position her as the go-to luxury home stager in her market.

Agnes got a brand redesign

“You literally read my mind in terms of what I wanted my brand to look like and represent. I love it!”

Agnes came to us looking for a brand redesign and refresh. Her goal? To develop better brand recognition and stand out against her local competitors. Now, her brand reflects her company's commitment to staging excellence and the beautiful, transitional style of her staging designs.

Is This Right For You?

You need to finally stand out in your market & differentiate your business

You're struggling with attracting new clients & build customer loyalty

YOu WANT TO BE MORE confident about marketing your business

You're so tired of losing jobs to other better branded companies

you're ready to build a brand that is authentic & memorable

is that a yes?

Apply to Work with Us

Not everyone is the right fit for us.  If you're ready to invest in your business and build a standout brand, we'd love to work with you. Each month, we accept a limited number of brand development clients to work with us. Fill out our application and let us know  more about your business..


“If you're looking for someone that combines professionalism with a personal touch, look no further than the Social Stager. Highly recommended!”

- Kym


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