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April 12, 2024

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Home staging marketing can be challenging. If you’re a home stager struggling to market your staging business on social media, then this post is for you. You, too, can achieve great results, but you need a plan. Here’s how we helped our client grow her audience by over 600% in less than 90 days.

Last fall, we began working with a home stager with a relatively new business that had a vision of becoming the leading luxury home staging company in the Houston area. Although she had not worked on many projects, she had won the RESA Rising Star Award for her designs and had been featured in several publications as a result. She wanted to use the award and press coverage in her home staging marketing plan to help get her brand noticed by local realtors and differentiate her brand from the competition.

However, her branding did not match her vision, and her marketing efforts were not getting her in front of her ideal clients. Furthermore, although she had received some marketing assistance, it did not include a strategy or content plan that would help her achieve her goals.

And in less than 90 days, she was seeing:

  • A 660% increase in engagement on social media
  • Audience growth of over 600%
  • Her content reaching over 10,000 more people

How did we help her do that? Let’s break it down.

Step One: Building her Brand

To begin marketing her brand, we started by creating it first. Before that, she had been doing a little bit of everything and not specializing in anything. As a result, she wasn’t standing out in her local market, especially against some more established companies.

During the branding process, we assisted her in creating a brand that focused on offering luxury home staging services with a specialty in staging vacant luxury homes. We helped her develop a robust brand identity that her ideal client could relate to and curated a beautiful brand aesthetic that reflected her modern, luxurious style.

luxury home staging brand palette

Step Two: Creating the Plan

With this newly created brand identity, we were now ready to take the next step in her home staging marketing journey and create her social media marketing strategy and content plan.

We strongly believe that having a well-defined strategy and a concrete plan is the key to achieving great results on social media. That’s why we always provide customized strategy and content plans for our clients that are specific to their brand and goals. To accomplish this, we conduct a thorough analysis of their competition, develop a content strategy that caters to their ideal audience, and create a content plan that is designed to help them achieve their objectives.

Our content plan includes three main types of content that serve different purposes – helping the client grow, nurture, and convert their target audience. Each type of content plays an important role in the success of home staging marketing.

Step Three: Implementing the Home Staging Marketing Plan

We laid a solid foundation for my client’s brand and marketing before we started creating social media content for her. Our team customized social media templates in line with her brand to create a consistent and cohesive style on her feed. This made her content stand out and elevated her brand to look more professional.

home staging instagram posts and reels by the Social Stager

With a solid brand, customized strategy, content plan, and consistent on-brand content tailored to her ideal audience, my client started experiencing amazing results from social media. She saw increased engagement, grew an audience of engaged and loyal fans, and started getting steady traffic to her website and portfolio.

However, this wasn’t an overnight success story. It took us three months of posting consistent, high-value, and engaging content to both her feed and stories to achieve these results. If you’re a home stager looking to level up your home staging marketing, following these same steps can help you achieve similar results.

Do you want my help with your branding or marketing? Book a free Strategy Call, and let’s create a personalized plan for your business.

Instagram Growth Success Story
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