It All Started

with a Dream

Heather started her journey in 2008 with a dream to build a thriving, successful home staging business. A decade later, her company, Rooms in Bloom Home Staging & Design Inc., became a sought-after brand, renowned by realtors and homeowners alike and recognized for its outstanding staging designs with multiple awards. Heather thought that this would be the culmination of her dreams but as it turns out, it was just the beginning of her journey.



Making a Pivot …

After years of success in the home staging industry, Heather was ready for a new challenge. Her marketing and business-building expertise led her to pivot her career from home staging to founding an online nutrition business from scratch. This career change, inspired by her own personal health and fitness journey, led her to develop her coaching skills and create a women's metabolic nutrition program that helped her clients get healthy, fit, and strong. Heather built a successful online business and brand through her mastery of digital marketing and social media and her ability to support her clients.

After two years of successfully coaching and supporting clients, Heather realized that while she loved all aspects of building and marketing her company, she wasn't as passionate about the weight loss industry. With that in mind, she chose to close her business and shift back to her roots.

Coming Full Circle

Heather's passion for home staging brought her back to the industry as a senior stager for a local home staging company, where she led a team of stagers and was able to flex those creative muscles to create more stunning staging designs.

Reconnecting with the industry that supported her when she built her own staging company, she was both nostalgic and inspired. She loved seeing how far staging designs had come and longed to use her skills and expertise in social media marketing, graphic design, and experience working within the industry to help other stagers build their brand and thriving businesses.

This led her to found The Social Stager, a social media marketing company that helps home stagers elevate their businesses with customized digital marketing solutions. From marketing and branding templates and tools to social media growth-focused programs and customized social media management services, The Social Stager is a one-stop shop for everything home stagers need to successfully market and brand their businesses.

The goal? To provide the tools and services that Heather wishes had been available to her when she was building her home staging company. All so that she can support home staging companies and help them build thriving and profitable businesses.

So if your goal is to build and grow a thriving home staging business, you're in the right spot. Because now it's your turn to shine.

You want now what I wanted then …

To become successful while doing what you love.

A successful home staging business won't solve all of life's problems. But the financial, time, and creative freedom one offers can completely transform how you live your amazing life.

Take it from a woman who dreamed that dream … and then achieved it.

If you're excited to learn how my team can help you build your brand or market your home staging, real estate, or interior decorating business, I'm eager to help you uplevel your social media presence and stand out online.


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